About Us

We are a family owned and operated business. We have lived in Garfield County since 1992. We offer our abilities to help you succeed in

your business. Having us drive your packages to their locations frees up your time to do other tasks in your business!

Why use a courier service anyway?

What is the true cost of driving from the Hotel Denver to the Hotel Jerome (Downtown Aspen)

Utilizing the IRS mileage reimbursement allowance at 55.5 cents per mile. One way cost is $22.50 Round trip $45.00

I know- we all scratch our heads and say, it does not cost me that much to drive to Aspen. But think about it- does the IRS ever give ANYTHING away?

The calculation that they have deemed appropriate is including the cost of automobile insurance, cost of fuel, wear and tear on your engine, use of the oil, wear and tear on the tires. We all know that oil products have gone thru the ceiling !!

The miles to drive from Hotel Denver to Hotel Jerome are 40.9. Without any traffic it takes 51 minutes.

So two hours of your time is worth how much? I am going to venture a guess that everyone in this room makes more than minimum wage. According to Google this morning that is $8.00 an hour. So save yourself $16.00 wages – and $45.00 vehicle cost and use us as your couriers! We truly do save you time and money.

While we are doing the task of driving and gathering your items for you- you are freed up to do even more for your business. You can stay in the office answering necessary phone calls and so forth.

Do not look at it like it just cost you $15.00 because in reality utilizing a courier just saved you $60.00!!

The other things that it does is help the environment in our area and helps to put one less vehicle on the road, easing traffic. Although one car doesn’t seem like much if we have a package from each of you in our car- that is how many cars now not driving putting out emissions and helping create more congestion.

Most people think we can only handle small packages- we chose our Prius cars for a multitude of reasons. They both have back seats that lay flat and hatchbacks creating a LARGE hauling space. For skinny items we can actually fit things like trim up to 8 feet long. While we love the envelopes for delivery as they make our life simple we can haul a variety of large items. If you saw our Strawberry Day’s Parade entry we tried to show everyone the ability we have to fit a wide variety of parcels.

Call us today for great, affordable service!!